Astrology by power of runes

The stars have always accompanied men since the dawn of time. They directly influence the course of life of everyone from up there. Astrology is a method allowing men to better understand their future and even to transcend it. The clairvoyance can make use of the runes in order to unseal all the secrets of the stars.

Astrology: a divine science

Astrology, as the name suggests, is a method using the stars as alternative responses. Indeed, the stars have always been part of the daily life of men and can offer answers to various questions. Whatever the field, the stars have a certain influence on the men, thus being able to foresee their future. Thus, with the analysis of the stars, it is quite possible to transcend the future by reading the stars. After all, it is by knowing what will happen that it can be avoided, improved or precipitated. The reading of the stars is more akin to science than to a simple divinatory art. It must be known that the analysis of the stars groups together several categories and astrology is only a part of it. In spite of everything, astrology offers precise answers to various questions.

Rune astrology

With the use of the runes, it is quite possible to make proper use of astrology. Clearly, the runes are characters of the Germanic and Scandinavian alphabets. If at first, the runes were used as basic alphabet characters, subsequently, Theli found some magical properties. Since that day, the runes are no longer used as letters, but rather as words of power. An experienced clairvoyant can perfectly use the runes to predict the future via the stars. Thanks to the special properties of the runes associated with the powers of the stars, the answers that arise from this analysis are all the more clear and precise. Two brackets provide the right precision.

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